Hello and Welcome

Youtube Videos and Free Downloads of my songs up!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my new page! I’m really excited about sharing what I’ve got going on! I hope you’ll join me as I begin writing my first book ” A Friend Request”. I’ll be posting the chapters as I write them here on my website. I hope you’ll stop in to check out free guitar lesson videos as well as free vegetarian cooking videos, which I will have up soon. I’ve been an aspiring devotee of Sri Krsna for nearly 20 years now. I’ll be sharing my insights on the practice of bhakti yoga and the positive effects its had on my life. I’m also a gospel singer/songwriter and acoustic  guitarist  in one of the most unique and mysterious styles of fingerpicking there is! Interesting combination isn’t it? You may not of known you can do both at the same time! I’m doing both, and i’m having a lot of fun at it! Bookmark my page and join me  as I move forward in this great adventure!

Please check my updates for performances in the Atlanta area, thanks!


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